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Staff Directory Listing

John Papazoglou
Associate Vice President
(814) 865-5423
David Rose
Assistant Vice President Auxiliary & Business Services
(814) 865-3061
Abbas Badani
Director of Multimedia & Print Center
Clay Barkley
Director of H&FS Bakery/Warehousing/Distribution
Alison Bonsell
Regional Director of H&FS Commonwealth Campuses
(814) 865-7862
Cathy Shannon
Director of Business and Finance
(814) 865-6524
Conal Carr
Director of Housing Services
Joseph Crimmins
Executive Director, Hospitality Services
Rob DeMayo
Director of Transportation Services
Duane Elmore
Director Procurement Services
Lee Erwin
Director of Facilities
Jennifer Garvin
Director of Ancillary Services
Dave Gingher
Director of Campus Retail Dining
(814) 863-7694
Karen Kreger
Senior Director of H&FS Commonwealth Campuses & Culinary Support Services
John Mondock
Director of Purchasing of Food Services
(814) 865-6386
Bryan Rodgers
Director of University Park Airport
John Walker III
Regional Director of H&FS Commonwealth Campuses
Lisa Wandel
Director of Residential Dining
(814) 863-1255