Students eating, studying, and hanging out in the Student Community Center

Housing, Food Services & Residence Life: Greater Allegheny

Campus History

Penn State Greater Allegheny has had a presence in the Pittsburgh and McKeesport area for over 50 years. In 2007, the campus changed its name from Penn State McKeesport to better showcase its regional involvement. The campus is 15 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and boasts a mix of suburban life and big city excitement.

Living Environment

From its hilltop location, McKeesport Hall overlooks the rest of the campus. The building offers a safe and comfortable living environment for on-campus students. The campus community is tailor-made for creating close friendships and developing interests with like-minded classmates.

Campus Dining

Students enjoy the variety of choices at Cafe Metro, a full-scale food court, conveniently located in the Student Community Center. Students also take advantage of Metro Express, a coffee bar that features an array of coffee house favorites, snacks, and desserts.

Social and Recreational Opportunities

The list of on-campus activities is nearly endless. While living on campus, you can take advantage of the fitness center, or the many athletic fields and courts. Penn State Greater Allegheny also supports varsity and intramural sports. There are 25 on-campus clubs and organizations, such as student government, the Outdoors Club, and the Black Student Union.

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