Close up of videographer

Video Profiles

At each A&BS Spring Conference, attendees are introduced to a handful of their colleagues in several short video vignettes. The videos showcase both the home and work lives of A&BS employees from each unit and several campuses. The profiles are a hit at the conference and have already become a tradition that attendees look forward to each year.


Community Profile

The Behrend HFS Community Service Group


Individual Profiles

Lilae Shope, Multimedia & Print Center
Lisa Wandel, Food Services
Cindy Doran, Human Resources

Sustainability Profiles

Pallet Program, Warehouse
E-cycle Day, Lion Surplus
Clean the World Program, Nittany Lion Inn


Individual Profiles

Andy Heckathorne, A&BS: Marketing Office
Dave Josefik, University Park
Glenn Feagley, Lion Surplus
Minnie Reska, Hospitality Services
Dion Dillon, Nittany Lion Inn
Kellie LaVanish, Findlay Dining Commons